Art has always been a part of who I am. I grew up constantly painting and drawing. I took every art class available and went on to earn an art degree from Cal State Fullerton in Graphic Design. Color and design play such an important role in photography, and composition came so naturally for me when I was given my first camera. The camera became an extension of how I saw the world.

“I believe that relationships are vital to a good life. I believe in caring more about others is the only way to thrive.” – Janet Wheeland

My husband and I have made our home at the south end of San Clemente, California. I live in a yellow house, drive a yellow car, and ride a yellow bike. Yellow seems to radiate joy, energy, and happiness – and who wouldn’t want more of that in their lives?!

I have always been drawn to weddings, even before I was married. I love the planning process and the meaning behind each and every detail of the day. My favorite moments of a wedding day are the toasts from those closest and when bride and groom are pronounced Mr. & Mrs. and dance down the aisle to the sound of all the cheers and celebrating of their friends and family! Those genuine moments of pure joy are constant reminders of how much I love being a photographer.

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The ExperienceThe ExperienceHere’s what the Wedding Photography process looks like, from the initial booking to receiving your final images.

Aliso Viejo Country Club Wedding

quotesMy husband and I are not big into getting our photos taken…”

“My husband and I are not big into getting our photos taken, but Janet gives off such a mellow, awesome vibe that I made it fun getting our photos taken. There were so many photos I loved, I actually had a hard time picking out which ones I wanted blown up.

I was told by my family and friends at and after the wedding what a wonderful photographer I had. I would easily recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. I could not have asked for anyone better!”

– Amy & Brian


Wedgewood Chino Hills Wedding

quotesBest decision we made during our wedding planning process…”

Hiring Janet as our engagement and wedding photographer was the best decision we made during our wedding planning process because she goes above and beyond and will work with you to make sure you have your dream wedding. She is also very professional, down-to-earth, sweet and kind.”

– Caroline & Dennis